You No Be God

You No Be God

My name na Masses.
I want yan you wetin be my stress.
No jobs; no wages.
No good road.
Accidents plenty like water for road.
Teachers dey flog me sake of school fees.
I no fit sleep because of fleece.
Dem dey kidnap, dey beat,
dey rape me cos I no fit fight.
Nobody dey to punish dem;
To give dem di fine wey dem deserve.
Oga jeep and trailer dey push my keke throw-way.
Abeg, mek I pass jeje dey go my way.
Oga Landlord, stop to dey hammer for my door.
Na wetin sef? Na only me wey dey poor?
See, Oga rich man, sleep dey follow catch you like me
Hunger dey waya you too like me.
Like me, you get bend down first before you fit shit
Mek you no dey do me shakara for road.
Abeg, leave me mek I drink my garri jeje;
Mek I rest in peace, not in pieces.
Mek you no dey “abuse power” to kill my power

©️ Christabel Sylvester


Christabel Sylvester na Nigerian. She be headteacher and
poet wey love music and she dey sing well-well. Christabel na very lively and friendly person.
She like to dey encourage everybody wey come near am.
If u dey with am, you go laugh taya. Since no dull moment dey with am, pipul don give am di title”Queen Of Hearts”. She don co-author two poetry books wey be no 1. bestseller for Amazon with Brenda Mohammed. Currently, she dey work on her own anthology.

Adie Lawrence

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