Di Language of Love

Di Language of Love

When you tell me sey you love me
Funke, body dey do me like electricity
E dey sweet me like sey I see my last card wey loss
E dey sweet me like pikin wey dem just buy im Christmas cloth

When I see your fine face
Funke, my hunger dey disappear
I dey try open mouth but I no dey fit tok
E dey do me like person wey jam ghost
E dey sweet me like cold shower inside hot sun

Funke, mek I tok my mind:
Anytime wey I call your name
Stars go just dey shoot for my eyes
And when we hold hands, di picture dey fine like poor man plans

Funke, you like my character and I like your own
You sey wether I get or I no get, na love be your own
You sey we be Romeo and Juliet wey go last forever
And I sey I go be your Samson when u no strong

But Funke, as I go tell your Mama sey na you I want marry
Her face change like nylon wey see fire
Her mood change like person wey see who im dey owe money
She tok sey e no go fit work

She tok sey she for no mind sey my pocket dry like stock fish
But that your people and my people no dey speak di same language
And to learn poor man language too dey hard
I tok sey di language wey sweet pass na love;
She tok sey na true, but sey if we chop love, speak love,
Wetin she go chop? Which one she go speak?

©️ Sylvester Orndir
Benue, Nigeria


Sylvester from Benue State. Im bi graduate of English from Benue State University, Makurdi. Im dey do im Masters for di same course for di University of Jos. Sylvester get strong love for poetry, spoken word, drama and music. To am, humanity na very difficult thing to understand; everybody get im own weakness and di only way wey person fit dey at peace with im self and other people na to understand im own version of di weakness and their own. Sylvester believe sey e go tek di intervention of God for humanity to overcome these weaknesses.

Adie Lawrence

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