I just dey come from your backyard, I don see your toilet, I see your beautiful baffroom, I don dey sabi di you wey I never know before and wen I put you for my looking glass again, I dey feel sey your class no be frontyard, I dey feel sey na backyard sense you get, I dey feel sey na backyard you belong – I no know weda na you dey drag us back. Your name dey for progress so?

I don dey study your story for some time now, e be like sey your history get too many comma, di fulstops wey I dey see no dey stop well, e be like sey plenty of dem dey hang like comma and every time I try to read through, something go tell me to open my eye well well. I dey listen to know weda na God voice abi na devil I dey hear, because, plenty voice dey come and to sabi which one be which one, mean a lot. I wan know weda your name dey for progress.

I just dey return from your village. I no see your stamp for there. Some sey your papa no be from there. Some sey you be dia pikin. Wen I try to find out about your mama, dem sey na only your papa know where e bring am from. But I see your uncle. Na better uncle. E serve my pounded yam and egusi. Di scent follow me reach Lagos. I just wan know weda to count you for progress.

I no dey do selfish project. Dis na why my name no dey follow for rejection. But today rejection fit be tomorrow projection for tomorrow-tomorrow wey me and you no go see. But how we work for am go affect how our children go live and plan for dia own tomorrow wey sopoz better pass our today and our tomorrow. Dis na my worry. Dis na my concern. Mek I count you for progress?

No be everybody understand poetry. No be everybody wan understand poetry. No be everybody think sey poetry dey exist. No be poetry I wan tek yan you. I just wan tell you sey na your heart I dey read to see weda I fit tek something like gold and silver wey I go hold to show sey, I visit your heart. Abeg, tell me one thing mek i tek waka. You stand for progress?

Eriata Oribhabor
Lagos, Nigeria

Adie Lawrence

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