Our Reality

Our Reality

Our Reality

Just like Methuselah, e don tey
Wey we dey wait;
Like pikin wey no get mama, we dey try
To hold body, but now we don dey cry
Dem bin sey dem go mek rain fall for wilderness,
Sey dem go butter our bread and sugar our tea.
See o, plenty water done pass for under bridge
But none don flow reach our side
Na only di blood of our pain dey flow here.
We bin dey hope sey this night go melt
When sun show face for our side;
But instead of their sun to fight our night
Na burn e come dey burn us
No be us buy this market for ourself?
Imagine sey we bin no put mind for our Oga dem talk
Imagine sey we bin no collect their money…
Now we dey cry blood
As man-know-man be di thing wey dey reign
Kai, how dem don fall our hands!
Now tins don bad pass as dem bin dey.

Geda Elemi

Calabar, Nigeria


Geda na Nigerian writer wey dey live for Cross River State. She be final year student for English and Literary Studies, University of Calabar. She dey sing well-well.

Adie Lawrence

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