Survivors Na Strong Pipul

Survivors Na Strong Pipul

Survivors Na Strong Pipul

Like tree wey breeze blow
We don fall yakata.
Like mat, sometimes,
Life dey fold us keep for one side
But how we go let our enemies see our tears?
Wen death carry our loved ones from us
We no drag with am.
Sometimes, we dey hope, we dey pray,
we dey wait for love.
Though love no dey, still, we dey carry on
Though others dey progress with the speed
of light,
We follow dey sure sey our time dey come.
Even though dem don leave us,
we go dey alright
Though nothing gum us,
wetin we get we go share
Dem no help us but we go help who we fit help.
Though we weak like pumpkin, we go fresh like im nutrients
We be nothing but na Baba God get us.
Although dem wash us like water,
Dem go hear our voice ontop mountain
We dey broken but every piece of us, we go gather again
Though we dey vex, we no go wear am like clothes
Though e dey pain us, we go continue till we mek am.

©️ Isaac Kessiena Redemption

Calabar, Nigeria


Kassiena na 200 level student for English and Literary Studies, University of Calabar, Calabar. She get plenty love for poetry.

Adie Lawrence

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