Our Suffer Don Do

Our Suffer Don Do

Our Suffer Don Do

Shebi you dey form jagaban
Sey who no sabi you, no sabi road?
Shebi you fit chop clean mouth,
Wash your hand join sey nothing go shele?
Ogasir, Ogamadam, na lie o! Our suffer don do!
Sey you chop yesterday no mean sey
today dey very sure
We don give you long rope tey-tey,
Dey hope sey you go wise-up.
Shebi you, our sister dem
Don dey yarn sey, las las school na scam?
Ogasir, Ogamadam! Our suffer don do!
Na because of you, our sister and brother dem
Dey come school to show body.
After all,
dem go settle madam later later.
See, you don shoot yourself for leg kpatakpata!
This time eh, you no go see mercy!
Even if na Ronaldo beg
We don tanda gidigba to show you shege
Our eye don dey shine on top you
Na your body go tell you
Ogasir, Ogamadam! Our suffer don do!

©️ Blessed Chinatu C. Orgi

Calabar, Nigeria


Chinatu na undergraduate for Cross River University of technology.
She dey read Mass Communication. She dey follow work with Radio Naija for Canaan city 99.5 FM. She get plenty love for poetry.

Adie Lawrence

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