MEK WOTA GET EYE | Anzaku Emmanuel

MEK WOTA GET EYE | Anzaku Emmanuel

Imagine as di night dey vex
E dey vex with pipul dem
Wey dey carry mattress on top
Dia head, forget say dem get pikin.

Di night sabi vex sha
See as e carry wota
kom enta pipul dem room
so-tey e full dia room.

But wait, sey na di night
Cause am? Abi na di night
Block all di drainage dem?
Sey, if di wota see road pass
Wota for full everywhere?

Why e bi say na night
Wota no dey see road pass?
Why e bi say na wen pikin dem
Don begin dream dream
Wey dem go use for future,
Na im wota go miss road?

Di way wey drunkard
Dey see road reach house,
Abeg, mek wota get eye reach house
Na only so, our kontri beta go reach house


Anzaku Emmanuel na graduate of Economics from Federal University Lafia, Nasarawa state. E dey live for Abuja.


2 thoughts on “MEK WOTA GET EYE | Anzaku Emmanuel

  1. The sound of poem for pidgin English?E get the kind way the sound dey sweet for ear.
    E dey tickle my soul.
    I love the sound.
    Me sef don dey inspired to dey drop some kind thoughts in our native pidgin English.
    E go make sense

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