DIS NA FOR MAMA | Okori John Onah

DIS NA FOR MAMA | Okori John Onah

I nor know any goddess like am
I nor fit compare am with any other
Her love dey always dey appear
Even wen we no merit any share
She dey for our back like: ‘I garrit’

Our prayer na sey make she live long
She suffer wella but just dey gbam
Wen papa fight turn hot, she go sey;
“I no go leave my pikin dem komot”
Ha! That woman suffer wella
Na why I no go ever forget her

With belle, she nor sabi rest for one day…
She fry akara, sell okpa, and many things
Nine moon later, she born man…
Baba God, no let me forget dis woman
If I do, strike me with hot manna
Dis, na for Mama.


Okori John Onah na writer wey get focus for family, gender, love and everyday struggle, e don enter shortlist for NHCP short story competition; and na blogger for okorijohn.wordpress.com.


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